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by Riley Daye

Looking for the Alternative to Gym Gloves?  Try Progrips Leather Lifting Grips!

What are Pro Grips Gym Gloves?

Their beauty is in the design really.  Some people call them gym gloves, workout gloves, weight lifting gloves while others refer to them as lifting grips or an alternative to gym gloves.  We just call them cool!

They are constructed of a Real Leather Palm which fits discretely in the Palm of your hand.  The goal is to help prevent nasty calluses and dry, brittle, rough hands that weight lifting can cause.  The back of the gym glove is made from Neoprene.  If you don’t know what Neoprene is… it’s the material that Scuba Diving Suits are made from.  It is a superior product for gym gloves because it wicks away moisture.  No sweaty palms means a better grip.  Pro Grips Gym Gloves have a unique 4 Finger Loop design.  Slide your fingers in the back, gently tug down to keep get them in place… and off you go to building bigger biceps, busting out your pull up workout, hitting Cross Fit class, or tackling that kettlebell workout!

How are Pro Grips Gym Glove Better?

Watch out for imitators!  While we think flattery is the best compliment… you get what you pay for.  Most similar products are made solely from Neoprene.  That means it feels no different than holding a piece of cloth in your hands!  It’s the real leather palm on these gym gloves that really sets them apart.  Like your favorite pair of gym shoes, Pro Grips Gym Gloves get even better as you use them!  You’ll find that they break in and start to conform to your hand.  The best part is that they don’t restrict movement which means no carrying around a pair of gym gloves.  Simple put them on when you leave the lockerroom and keep em on till you’re done with your entire workout!

Now we can’t promise you bigger biceps, a stronger chest, or the ability to do more pull ups, but we can’t tell you from experience, that a better grip means a better workout!  Give these gym gloves a try and you won’t be disappointed!

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Riley Daye

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Riley Daye is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weightloss Consultant.  He is a Los Angeles Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant who specializes in Weight Loss and Sport Specific Training.  Contact Riley to schedule a private consultation.

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