Ball Exercises for Abs – Swiss Ball Crunch

by Riley Daye
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Swiss Ball Crunch is one of the best Ball Exercises for Abs.  Here are a couple tips to perform the exercise properly:

1. Start by using the basic roll-out to get you in position. This means sitting on the ball and gently rolling it from your butt to your lower back.

2. Place your hands loosely behind your head for support. do not pull on your head: your hands are only there to prevent your neck muscles from fatigue by supporting the weight of your head.

3. Start by slowly curling your truck forward – focus on pulling your upper chest toward your pelvis – utnil you feel a good contraction in your abs.

4. Avoid poking your chin out; keep it tucked in. Imagine you’re holding an orange between your chin and your chest.

5. Hold position for 5 seconds, then return to the start position.

6. Try to do 12-15 repetitions. Rest two minutes and complete 2 more sets.

When using the stability ball, also called the swiss ball or ab ball is to use controlled motions. Don’t bounce back and forth on the ball.  The ball is used as support for your lower back and also to allow more extension of the muscles through the downward movement.

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