Battling Ropes Workout – Is it the best calorie burning workout ever?

by Ambrose WB
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A battling ropes workout is one of the most effective calorie burning workouts you can do!  Really good personal trainers know the 411 of a ropes workout, but the average gym goer may not. Along with medicine ball training, heavy rope training is one of the best way to condition.  It’s still a relatively new tool for a total body workout that engages your core for rock-hard abs and burns a ton of calories.  Let me give you a quick overview.  Unlike most exercises you’re accustomed to, velocity is required for this workout.  That means there’s really no point at which the rope is resting – it’s continuous movement.

What are Battling Ropes?

These heave duty ropes are a very basic piece of exercise equipment.  Also called battle ropes, they are designed to be heavy and rigid and require a lot of effort to move and control. They come on a variety of lengths and are most often 1 to 2 inches in diameter.  The two most common types are Manila and Polyester.  Manila ropes are a sisal- like material and are best suited for outdoor use as they tend to shred fibers and can be messy.  For that reason Polyester ropes are your best bet for indoor use.

Benefits of a Battling Ropes workout.

  • Heavy rope training engages all your muscle groups.  It’s a true total body workout!
  • It requires core stability which means it’s great exercise for abs.
  • It burns a ton of calories!  The amount of energy exerted in even a short workout will definitely leave you sweating!
  • Improves your stability and endurance as well as muscle strength.

Basic Movements for Beginners.

*Note: Make sure your rope is anchored to something sturdy like a tree, squat rack, or rope anchor. You’ll also want to protect your hands with a good pair of gym gloves.
  • Small waves –  are performed by moving both arms at the same time in a short, controlled motion. Keep your abs tight and assume a solid and wide stance. Focus on small movements.
  • Big waves – are similar to small waves, except instead of small movements try to see how high you can make the waves.
  • Alternating waves – instead of moving both ends of the rope together, alternate up/down right/left.

Don’t get frustrated!  This is a hard workout… but it’s fun!  When I incorporate a battling ropes workout into my clients’ routines, they generally see a marked improvement in overall conditioning, and because this is such a high intensity and dynamic exercise, they are getting that metabolic boost,or “after burn” which is burning a serious amount of calories!

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