Zuzka Power Yoga Review – Zuzana Light

by Riley Daye
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Zuzka Power Yoga Review

Zuzana Light has done it again with her brand new Yoga DVD, Zuzka Power Yoga Series!  But this ain’t your mama’s Yoga Workout…

Do you know what flying burpees are?  Well I didn’t until I saw Zuzka show me!  This is a pretty cool move.  Here’s how to do a Flying Burpee:

1. From a standing position, reach down and place your hands on the floor just outside of your feet.

2. Kick your feet back out behind you so you’re placed into a push up position.

3. This is one continuous motion, as you’re lowering yourself to the floor, your chest will touch the floor and you immediately force yourself back up to the standing position hands in the air and jumpin like a fool!  lol  Because of the continuous motion, you’ll feel like you’re “flying” – hence the name.


This is a 50 minute Yoga routine that includes Crescent Series, Balance and Plyo Series (btw Plyo is also referred to as “jump training”), Upper Body Plyo Series, Chair Series, Warrior Endurance Series, and Bonus Ab workout!


This is definitely NOT your mama’s Yoga workout!  Zuzka Power Yoga incorporates strength training, cardio and stretching.  Sure she uses traditional yoga poses, but her goal is to improve overall fitness.  You will feel more balanced and relaxed with this Yoga DVD, but don’t get me wrong, you WILL be sweating as well.


Bring it on Zuzka!


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