Weight lifting Gloves – Why To Use Them

by Riley Daye

ProGrips Leather Weight Lifting GlovesAlmost as much as training advice, my clients ask me if they should use weight lifting gloves at the gym.  Personally I think they are an awesome gym accessory and I wouldn’t workout without a pair.

Here are the benefits of using Weight Lifting Gloves:

1. They give you a better grip. While weight machines may have padded handles or grips, they can get slick and slimy especially if you’re working up a sweat.  For free weights it’s a no-brainer because you’re working with skin on metal contact.  The textured grips of the dumbbells or weights offer little traction if you tend to sweat a lot (like myself.)

2. No calluses.  No one want’s rough leathery hands, and fewer people want to hold someone else’s that are dry and callused.  Some people are pron to drier thicker skin and tend to develop calluses more easily than others. Regardless, remember you’re working with skin on metal at the gym and it makes sense to protect your hands.

3. Less fatigue.  This is probably the biggest “cop out” I see with clients and general gym goers alike… sore hands make you think you’re too tired to push out a couple more repetitions!  Allowing your weight lifting gloves to take the brunt of the friction of the weights tend to make them fatigue less, which in turn can help you keep strict to your workouts.

Which are the best weight lifting gloves to choose?

This is obviously a personal opinion however here are a couple features I suggest looking for in a good weight lifting glove:

1. Leather and Neoprene Weight Lifting Gloves – Leather is by far the most durable.  Avoid weight lifting gloves made entirely of nylon or neoprene.  Instead opt for a pair that combines both materials.  A leather palm with be most durable, and the neoprene fabric of the glove or backing helps to wick away moisture.

2. Fingerless Weight Lifting Gloves – It’s rare to see full finger gloves meant for working out or bodybuilding, but I have see some people using them.  The point of a finger less glove is to allow you sense of touch to be uninhibited.

3. Less Material – Some weight lifting gloves are really bulky and cumbersome.  Gloves with wrist straps can be of an added benefit to the hardcore bodybuilder, but the average person really isn’t concerned with that.  Opt for a glove that doesn’t inhibit movement.  These gloves also tend to get less sweaty and smelly.

I don’t care if you have found the best weight lifting gloves on the planet… nothing compensates for proper form, sensible training, and a commitment to your workouts.



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Riley Daye

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Riley Daye is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle and Weightloss Consultant.  He is a Los Angeles Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant who specializes in Weight Loss and Sport Specific Training.  Contact Riley to schedule a private consultation.

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