Pro Grips Gym Gloves – Pro Grips Weight Lifting Grips

by ProGrips Gympaws®

Looking for the best weight lifting grips?  Want to know what weight lifting grips are used for?  Look no further – we got you covered!

Rather than just tell you what makes Pro Grips the best weight lifting grips I figure I’d rather just explain a couple of exercises that may be most executed using a grip of some sorts.

Pull ups

Pull ups are one of the best back exercises you can do to help build a bigger back.  They also require you to have a superior grip!  The back muscles can be divided into two different groups – those associated with your shoulder movement and upper extremities and those that deal with movements of the spine.   You probably refer to them as delts, lats and traps!  You guessed it.. pull ups work them all!

If you have a weak or slippery grip you won’t be able to do very many pull ups or chin ups.  You’re basically relying on your hands and fingers to be your hooks if you will.

Rows of any kind will also benefit from having a good grip.  These pulling movements also target the back muscles but they’re also a golden go to exercise to help build bigger biceps as well.   Whether you’re doing lat rows or using a rowing machine you’re relying on your grip strength to move that weight!

So what about hardcore weight lifters?  Well there’s a lively debate among them about whether using weight lifting grips are helpful or a hindrance to your workout.  One one hand they argue that a weight lifting grip eliminates the touch sensory that is crucial in weight lifting.  That’s where a grip like Pro Grips Gym Gloves has a huge advantage because your fingers are free of bulky gloves so you’re able to “feel” the weight you’re lifting more-so than with other gym gloves.

Proponents of weight lifting grips will swear by them!  The know that having something between your hand and the cold metal bar of the free weight adds a bit of confidence to the movement.  Knowing that you’re not going to have a 50 pound dumbell slip out of your hands and smash your feet is a pretty good motivation!

Pro Grips Weight Lifting grips are better than most mainly because they’re made of real leather.  Other grip pads are just that… flimsy little pads or material that sit in your hand.  If you’re good with that then just save your money and put a t shirt on your hand!

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