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by Riley Daye


Pro Grips Gym Gloves Review – Lots of Personal Trainers, Athletes, Coaches, and Fitness enthusiasts everywhere have been leaving Pro Grips Gym Gloves reviews on Amazon and on our website.  Here’s a great video review!

Pro Grips Gym Gloves or lifting grips as they’re also called are not just for the serious bodybuilder.  In fact, they were created to be an alternative gym glove to those bulky weightlifting gloves you’ll see the hardcore bodybuilders using at the gym. Pro Grips Gym Gloves on Amazon

Why Pro Grips?

Their construction is superior to the cheap knockoffs.  Their four finger loop design keeps them in place and the genuine leather palm means they not only protect your hands from calluses and give you a great grip, they’ll last.  Neoprene is the other materials used.

What is Neoprene?

Neoprene is a synthetic material that is similar to rubber (but it’s cloth) and is oil, heat, and weather resistant.  Scuba diving suits are often made of Neoprene. We use it for Pro Grips Gym Gloves because of it’s ability to wick moisture away. This means you don’t get the sweaty smelly buildup of traditional gym gloves.

Why Are Pro Grips Gym Gloves Better?

Beware of cheap knock-off.  Those that look similar are NOT created equal.  You don’t want a gym glove or lifting grip made entirely of Neoprene.  It’s basically the same as using a piece of cloth.  And those “power grip pads” are nothing more than a piece of rubber!  My kitchen sponge would do a better job!

Use can Pro Grips for weightlifting or strength training to protect your hands from calluses and get a better grip, but they’re actually used for much more!  Kettle bell workouts, jump roping, cross fit training are a few examples.  Try em out with our Killer Back and Biceps Workout or maybe with your Best Chest Workout.

Where Can I get Pro Grips Gym Gloves?

Of course you can buy them directly from our website http://buyprogrips.com where there’s always free shipping!  Pro Grips Gym Glove is also one of the “Best Rated” Gym Gloves for Men and Gym Gloves for Women on Amazon.  You can read more reviews and purchase there as well!

Give ‘em a try.  You might just find they become your new must have gym accessory! Pro Grips Gym Gloves on Amazon

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