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  • Nov

    Black Friday Workout – Burn Thanksgiving Day Calories

    If the waistband of your pants have more pressure on them than the Hoover Dam, you probably ate more than your share of the Thanksgiving Day feast!  This is the one time of the year you should be celebrating with friends and family and enjoying the amazing food before you.  However after a day of indulgence, you may not be feeling all that great come Black Friday!  Here are a couple of tips to get you back into the swing of things. (more…)

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  • Aug

    Best Triceps Exercises – Triceps Pushdown


    One of the Best Triceps Exercises for bigger arms is the Triceps Pushdown.  This is probably one of the most common Triceps exercises I see performed at the gym and it is often being executed improperly.  Of course the key to optimizing the effects of any exercise is proper form.  Everyone wants bigger arms, a thicker chest, and / or more defined abs, but few take the time to understand how a specific exercise works the muscle group.  In my experience, the mind-body connection is the single most important factor when working out and trying to achieve goals.  It is important to focus on the exercise you’re performing and what muscles you’re body is using to move the weight. (more…)

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  • Mar

    Build Bigger Biceps – Dumbbells For Home

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    How to Build Bigger Biceps is probably on of the top questions my personal training clients ask me.  A close runner up is my advice on specific fitness or exercise equipment.  So for this post, I’m going to kill two birds with one stone and go over 3 of the best biceps exercises as well a Bowflex Selecttech 552 review as great dumbbells for home use.

    For a quick review, we should all know that the Biceps muscle or Biceps Brachii muscle refers to the front area on the upper arm between the elbow joint and shoulder.  The biceps muscle is engaged by both the shoulder and the elbow joints.

    Biceps can be trained multiple ways using cables, exercise bands, barbells, weight machines or dumbbells.  If you’re looking for equipment and exercises you can do outside the gym, I’d recommend picking up some dumbbells for home use, and Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells are one of my favorite pieces of at home fitness equipment.

    So let’s go over 2 of the best exercises to build bigger biceps that you can do at home:


    1. Standing Inner-Biceps Curl

    Standing upright hold a dumbbell in each hand at arms length (arms straight down at your side).  Your elbows are close to your torso, abs tight, and feet shoulder width apart.

    Keeping your upper arms tight to your side, curl the dumbbell up and slightly out to your side. Only your forearms should move, your palms will be facing up and the dumbbells will be at shoulder height at the top of the movement.

    Hold this contraction for a moment, giving a good bicep squeeze before you lower the weights back down to your side.  Here’s a great example from YouTube:

    2. Zottman Curl – Zottman Biceps Curl

    The Zottman Curl for biceps is similar to the inner biceps curl as described above.  The difference is that when you return the weight to the lowered starting position, you are keeping your palms facing down.  You will literally feel as if you are keeping the dumbbell from dropping out of your hands.

    Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

    Lot’s of clients ask my advice about home exercise equipment.  My response is usually the same “if it motivates you to workout and adopt a healthier lifestyle, then it’s worth it.  Having said that, there are a couple of products that I personally think are worth the investment.  If you’re looking for dumbbells for home use, these Blowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells are my favorites.

    Here’s the basic info:

    - Weight Ranges from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds

    - There are 15 different weight settings

    - Each dumbbell is 15.75 inches long by 8 inches wide (this is important because some adjustable dumbbells for home use are just too bulky!)

    The big advantages with adjustable dumbbells is obviously that you don’t have to have a huge weight rack of dumbbells sitting around your apartment.

    These are also very easy to use.  Here’s how they work…

    While seated in their cradle, simply click the dial to the desired weight and lift the dumbbell out of the cradle and voila, you have your perfect dumbbell.   A favorite feature of mine with these adjustable dumbbells is the grip.  It is ergonomically designed to fit in your palm (of course you should still be wearing your ProGrips Gym Glove).

    These are definitely a space saver, and totally portable.  You don’t need a barbell rack or separate container for plates.  These are also one of the most cost effective dumbbells for home that I’ve seen.



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  • Feb

    Perfect Form and Perfect Form – ProGrips™ Fit Girls

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  • Feb

    Got Milk?

    Even the best Gym Gloves won’t give you 6 pack abs or help you build bigger biceps.  Proper nutrition is key!  So is dedication and inspiration… we’re hoping our latest ProGrips™ Fit Guys helps ya out with that! (more…)

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  • Oct

    How To Treat Calloused Hands

    How to treat calloused hands:  Rough, dry hands have been experienced by most people who hit the gym.  Sure some may see it as a “sign” of hard work and dedication, but you’re delusional   No one wants to hold a gross, dry calloused hand no matter if it’s attached to the fittest body.  Not to mention, the handshake is often your first impression when meeting someone or trying to close a job or business deal.  If you workout you’re probably concerned about your appearance.  Don’t let your hands ruin it!  Here are a few tips to treat calloused hands: (more…)

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