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  • Oct

    Milwaukee Personal Trainer – Luke Fichtner

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    Milwaukee Personal Trainer Luke Fichtner has over 10 years of experience specializing in body transformation and athletic development.  His team at Axiom Health & Wellness located in Brookfield, WI provides group training classes as well as one on one personal training.    (more…)

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  • Aug

    Best Triceps Exercises – Triceps Pushdown


    One of the Best Triceps Exercises for bigger arms is the Triceps Pushdown.  This is probably one of the most common Triceps exercises I see performed at the gym and it is often being executed improperly.  Of course the key to optimizing the effects of any exercise is proper form.  Everyone wants bigger arms, a thicker chest, and / or more defined abs, but few take the time to understand how a specific exercise works the muscle group.  In my experience, the mind-body connection is the single most important factor when working out and trying to achieve goals.  It is important to focus on the exercise you’re performing and what muscles you’re body is using to move the weight. (more…)

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  • Oct

    How To Treat Calloused Hands

    How to treat calloused hands:  Rough, dry hands have been experienced by most people who hit the gym.  Sure some may see it as a “sign” of hard work and dedication, but you’re delusional   No one wants to hold a gross, dry calloused hand no matter if it’s attached to the fittest body.  Not to mention, the handshake is often your first impression when meeting someone or trying to close a job or business deal.  If you workout you’re probably concerned about your appearance.  Don’t let your hands ruin it!  Here are a few tips to treat calloused hands: (more…)

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