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  • Nov

    Boston Personal Trainer – Kent McCann

    posted in Boston

    Boston Personal Trainer Kent McCann is the epitome of “practice what you preach.”  He helps his clients reach their goals through his extensive knowledge of Health and Fitness, and with personal experience as well.  A self-proclaimed “fat kid” Kent began his journey to a healthier lifestyle at an early age.  He personally battled the yo-yo diet trap that claims so many people on their quest to improve their health and appearance.  It was his junior year in college where he finally decided to work smarter not harder. (more…)

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  • Jan

    Egg White Protein – Muscle Building Supplements – Natural Protein

    Eating more Egg White Protein as Muscle Building Supplements may not have been on the top of your New Year’s resolutions… but it should be!  As a Personal Trainer, I know that the New Year brings with it an onslaught of well intended fitness and nutrition goals.  I’m happy to support this new found enthusiasm in my clients, however regardless of the motivation, it always comes down to basics.  To build muscle and lose fat means committing to a clean diet high in protein and a consistent and effective workout routine.

    Today I want to dispel the myth that you need a kitchen cabinet full of muscle building supplements to reach your goals. It’s simply not true!  You may have noticed recently that I started writing more about raw food diets and natural protein supplements; and today I’m going to tell you about Egg White Protein.  I’m a firm believer that we should focus on eating foods in their most natural state.  The human body wasn’t designed to be a chemical filtration system!  While there are tons of protein supplements available online or thru your local vitamin shop, the purest form of proteins come in their most natural state! (more…)

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  • Dec

    Best Triceps Exercises – Close Grip Bench Press

    Close Grip Bench Press is one of the best triceps exercises you can do to get bigger arms and build muscle!

    The triceps muscle is technically called the triceps brachii muscle which is latin for “three-headed arm muscle.” This is the large muscle on the back of the upper arm opposite the bicep and its purpose is to extend the arm from the elbow joint.

    The triceps brachii can be trainer through compound movements or isolation exercises and will statically contract to keep the arm straight against the resistance of weight of force.

    How To Do Close Grip Bench Press:


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  • Jun

    Build Bigger Biceps – Run The Rack!

    Build bigger biceps
    Everyone would agree that toned arms on a woman and well developed or down right big arms on a guy are sexy!  Biceps are one of the most commonly worked out muscle groups at the gym and there’s countless activities and exercises to target them.  However there’s no need to be doing 10 different bicep exercises, because they’re all doing the same thing.  The bicep is the muscle that flexes the arm at the elbow joint.  Biceps brachii is the latin word for it,  which means “two headed [muscle] of the arm.” (more…)

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  • Jun

    Top 8 Personal Trainer Pet Peeves – Gym Etiquette

    Are you going to the gym and working out or socializing?Think about this… the U.S. has become the most obese country on the planet, yet we spend the most amount of money on weightloss and fitness products and supplements! If there were a pill or packaged meal that actually worked to get you a perfect body, we’d all have one! The fact of the matter is that there is no substitute for exercise. The amount of effort put in, is equal to the results obtained. Period. (more…)

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