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ProGrips Gym Gloves are the Top Rated Gym Glove on Amazon for a reason!

Forget that these Leather Workout Gloves aren't even gloves - they do the job better than any Gym Glove, Workout Glove, Lifting Grip, or Bodybuilding glove on the market. The genuine leather glove front fits right in the palm of your hands, right where you need protection when weight lifting or crossfit training to prevent calluses. The back of Pro Grips Gym Gloves are even cooler! The Neoprene material forms 4 finger loops that keeps these gym grips in place. Neoprene is the same material used in scuba diving gear so you can be assured that sweat will be wicked away from your hand. Everyone knows a dry grip is a non-slip grip! ProGrips are the Alternative to Gym Gloves. When was the last time you lifted a weight or finished a crossfit workout using the back of your hands? Of course you never have. So why do you need a bulky workout glove that covers your entire hand? Not only do full fingered gym gloves absorb sweat, but they restrict movement. After a couple of uses, they may even shrink so much that they don't fit.

ProGrips Gym Glove also take the place of lifting grips or "power pads". Think a cheap spongey material is going to last longer than a few workouts? They won't if you use them regularly for grueling weight lifting, crossfit workouts, circuit training or pull ups. Leather is better and leather gym gloves last longer! Read all the workout gloves reviews, gym gloves reviews, and crossfit gloves reviews. Athletes, Personal Trainers, Gym Owners, bodybuilders and gym rats all agree that ProGrips Workout Gloves are the best thing to hit the gym! Your confidence will soar as you realize that when your hands aren't tired, you can actually lift more. If you don't have to worry about a sweat grip letting the weight slip away, you can focus on what you went to the gym to do, build muscle! We've all seen the guys and girls in the gym with their big old bodybuilding gloves. The problem is that the rest of them doesn't even look like they've seen a weight room! ProGrips Gym Gloves fit discretely in the palm of your hands. The only thing people will be talking about is how good your arms look, and where in the world you discovered the best alternative to workout gloves that money can buy!

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