ProGrips BLACK

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ProGrips BLACK

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Black Gym Gloves & Weight Lifting Gloves

Looking for Black Gym Gloves?  Check out ProGrips™ Lifting Grips.  Real Leather Palm to protect your hands, and 4 Finger Loops to keep in place.

Black Gym Gloves – Lifting Grips

Black is the color of power, sophistication, and authority. If Black is your favorite color, you mean business! Your personality commands attention, admiration, and respect. A positive, healing, and powerful energy is attracted to the color Black. It is the lightening rod of colors, amplifying whichever energy you focus on. Black gym gloves can bring an energetic force to your workouts! Harness the power of this color for impressive gains in strength and fitness. ProGrips™ Black gym gloves have a genuine leather palm, and a cool 4 finger loop Neoprene backing.