ProGrips GREY

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ProGrips GREY

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Grey Gym Gloves & Weightlifting Gloves

Looking for Grey Gym Gloves?  Check out ProGrips™ Lifting Grips.  Real Leather Palm to protect your hands, and 4 Finger Loops to keep in place.

Grey Workout Gloves by ProGrips™

Grey signifies comfort, stability, and balance. Grey is a favorite color of people who are thoughtful, well connected to their emotions, and inquisitive. Having a very neutral effect, Grey can help create a harmonious balance between physical and emotional fitness. Grey gym gloves could help you maintain your positive achievements in the gym. Consistency is key to achieving your fitness goals. Keep up the good work! ProGrips™ Grey workout gloves have a genuine leather palm, and a cool 4 finger loop Neoprene backing.